not good

yesterday I was sitting in traffic while listening to the sound of the arctic melting


showers are great because I can think about stupid things I've said done or thought and hate myself


Opinions are unsafe.

from shirley temple to aimee semple

It is a common thing for me to have a spontaneous realization about music lyrics.
I might be in the shower. I might be driving to work. Without any clear motivation I'll think of a music lyric, followed by the thought of "oh!!!! that's what that means!" It happens with rap a lot, sometimes lyrics I've known for 20 years.

I've always been familiar with the "Hollywood" song. I'm not any particular fan of it or anything.
You know the one... Hollywood... da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da Hollywood...
Although I'm familiar with it, I know few of the lyrics. One that I've always (since I can remember, really) had in my head is "From Shirley Temple to Aimee Semple..."
I've always just sort of assumed I didn't really know that 2nd name or I remembered it wrong, since Aimee Semple isn't anyone I was familiar with. I've never been interested enough to look it up.
Aimee Semple is of course Sister Aimee McPherson, a totally fascinating person I learned more about a couple of years ago with this KCET article.
The sort of funny thing here is that I never connected those names until about five minutes ago.
It's 6:30 AM on a Saturday. I just woke up, got out of bed, picked up the already-filled laundry bag by the door, and exited my apartment to walk to the laundry room on the other side of the building. As I approached the laundry room, my eyes still gooey and gross (they still are), it all of a sudden hit me. "Aimee Semple!!! Aimee Semple McPherson!" Totally out of nowhere. So stupid and weird.


Some gestures improve power structures. Some are just annoying. Not sure what this was about.

Not sure why I've set these two up against each other... really wish I could remember. "Ritual" is one of my interests. There are forms-of-being/doing that are patterned around a particular aesthetics, others (with overlap) that are ritual. Ritual helps provide comfort and community. Maybe this had to do with music events.

elizabeth swaney:


"i love you preston"
I believe Preston is that kid who was like upset that a VA hospital didn't have flags and provided them with flags... or something like this.
or like he was upset that the veteran grave site didn't have flags

"rampant fetishism"
I strongly dislike fetishism. Particularly various forms of political or cultural fetishism. Goes hand-in-hand with essentialism. My Twitter feed is filled with furious positions mounted on this shaky ground. It's a challenge.

I have no idea what this was, but I do love the Franco character.

more bs

"outrage capacity"
There's so much that I have so little room for outrage, and I'm impressed or annoyed by my feed.

"what good is"
on the question of quality

Firmament is an interesting word. "The heavens, the sky, especially when regarded as a tangible thing; a sphere or world viewed as a collection of people." I have this coffee table book on the universe that surveys artifacts related to astronomy/cosmology, and this notion comes up in a lot of older diagrams/depictions. How does this idea of "firmament" play into our consideration of society/societies?
or also
How might there still be some sort of firmament? (universe edge, between "dimensions," life/death)... and the idea of this being tangible is also interesting.
or not

more bs

"merry christmas america"
Pence on the tax cut.

No idea. Reviews with ratings can be silly.

"I don't get it."
Reading people online is frustrating. Twitter is frustrating. I fail to understand how people are so sure of their positions to take on their indignant tone. I often find myself watching stones being cast and reading these messages and thinking "yes, but..."


I rarely tweet, and when I do it's usually fairly opaque.
I figured I might try using this space for some few-sentence elaborations on some of those tweets.

so let's see...

oh, K.K.
ha. "King Kendrick" Posted meaninglessly... nobody could possibly know what I meant there. Why do it?

"I was having a nightmare that I had tweeted something and had to wake up to make sure it wasn't something I had actually done..."
Unfortunately I can't remember what it was that I had a nightmare about tweeting but IIRC it related to an ex-girlfriend (funny of me to use the word "an" here).

"give me money tuesday"
Giving Tuesday is obnoxious. Everyone asks for money. How about just encouraging people to give to something without being that something asking for it.

ok, that's all for today


everyone is just so full of shit


I might tend to agree, but things aren't so simple and sure that I'm comfortable screaming and dancing. I guess somebody's going to do it.


today I was so bold as to like a tweet

later on in the day I realized that I had conflated a couple of public figures in my mind, so I went looking for that tweet to remove my like

looks like the person who tweeted it had already removed it

I wonder if this person had the same confusion

is it possible

Why is it so difficult to posit and commit?

Why can't I just share (here, to nobody) my answers to this question?


1. today while shaving I considered a complex fanfic scenario in which chris jenner is guilty, oj figures it out while in jail, and upon his release uses mind control techniques to get her to confess it to a journalist

There's a lot more to it than that, but I think that summary will suffice.

2. On my way to work there's an area on the street, in front of a red light and a business, that says "keep clear." I used to keep clear. Then I realized that it's there for this one particular business that is not going to be open or even have employees present for hours. I stopped keeping clear. Then today I thought... what if that's not the reason. What if there's something with the road and what's below it that makes them not want to have resting weight on it all the time? (This sounds really implausible.) What if there's some other reason that I'm just totally not considering? I've decided I'm just going to follow the directions, even though I'm pretty confident that it's there for this particular business and totally irrelevant at 6AM. These are not the thoughts of a revolutionary, in case there was any confusion there.


To be fair, regarding that final remark, it's not like it's really inconvenient for me to keep clear.


everybody's messing up


Can't we change things without getting ridiculous, insincere and ultimately dishonest?
Probably not.


Technology is frightening.
I'm moving in a box at 90 MPH.
I look up and see hundreds of people flying through a box in the sky.
Do you remember when we had to walk across the land?
We once struggled to light fires.
Instant communication, machine learning.
When does the future end?

"defend daca"

I wonder about the phrasing of "defend DACA," used often this week and associated with a march this weekend.
I tend to prefer "defend DACA recipients" or "defend Dreamers," meaning it would be great to have something legislated rather than another flimsy executive renewal.
No, I'm not someone who argues that Trump's point around this differentiation are fair. Complete double standard, given all the executive orders.
That said, congress should act, and in that case it probably wouldn't actually be "DACA" that's defended.
Right? I of course don't know what I'm talking about.


Today in a meeting, seemingly out of nowhere, my boss asked if taking down a Robert E. Lee statue was the same as taking down a Columbus statue.

For some stupid reason I started speaking first but was confounded a bit by my typically literal approach to the question. Of course they're not the same, but they're similar.

I guess the real question is in what ways they're similar or different.

The question was asked with the intonation that they're "not the same," (of course they're not) which I'll take to really mean "they're not similar."

While the Columbus episode was (partially) foundational in determining who and what we are today and the same cannot be said for Robert E. Lee. as a person, and despite the fact that the basic intention of each person was different and the actions they represent are different and the scope of their impact is different, to me the core similarity, in relation to the statue question, is that they (overall, in the final summation) do not represent qualities, actions or characteristics we wish to champion.

Do they have qualities? Of course.

Do these qualities sort of outweigh their faults? No.

If you take someone like Jefferson, a slave owner, do his qualities outweigh his faults in the view of (our) history? Plenty of people would say no, but I think most Americans still say yes.

When it comes to Columbus I think many of the things that were even once seen as qualities are no longer valued the same way. So the society making these determinations changes.

Anyway, we don't need statues for either, though I think the decision around Lee can be arrived at more quickly. While the offenses and impact of Columbus may be greater, Lee's position and context is clearer.

you already know

this is B-S
this is B-S
this is B-S
skies are so blue
but that's not blue
bright is so bright
banana black
really speckled
Those TV people are the worst.


I'm going to write something falsely emotional and vaguely poetic (aka grandiose) to reinforce an online sense of community and belonging so that I can package you for advertisers. You'll be just the right demographic, historically marginal and young enough to feel the emotion, really-not-marginal enough to be ripe for new advertising.

good job


I'm not sure if Eater or its followers (including me) should be ashamed of how many of its headlines use the word "underground" or "secret." Somebody should be ashamed.


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