ok I'm going to try


I just attempted and failed to leave a comment on a user-participation thing I'm trying to promote. Seems like the only thing I'm willing to say in public is "I enjoyed this album."

standing room only

was at the surgeon / cortini / swanson / etc. show...

Can I please get a chair?


I wish I had more time to read.


I can understand how people have crippling anxiety. I do not have crippling anxiety, but I do have anxiety about work. Although I know it will not cripple me, that ocean of crippling anxiety is within reach. I can close my eyes and feel it.

big bear

I went to Big Bear Friday night and came back yesterday. It's nice to get away.

kill me

the way I like to do QA:
try every possible way to fail/break the product/feature to make it foolproof

the way I've been doing QA lately:
try to find a way to make it work so that you can move on with minimal acceptable functionality

recipe for disaster


Sundays are so good.
Can we get to the 4-day work week before 2100?


I'm going to try.


What's the relationship between fetish and ritual?

things to do

  1. more padding
  2. better align the top of the tags and the top of the first title
  3. get rid of the supertitle/eyebrow/breadcrumb in the article
  4. better color for the title in the article
  5. more space between each article on HP


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