first blood

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Aesop Rock and Tobacco - Malibu Ken (Rhymesayers Entertainment)

A quick pleasure, dense as expected. Always enjoy breaking apart the images and references as well as I might, checking up on a few online and letting some remain mysteries. Fresh soundmatch.


Akira Rabelais - cxvi (Boomkat Editions)

Soft speech, quiet drones, endless piano decay. fin et suite


Angelo De Augustine - Tomb (Asthmatic Kitty Records)

beautiful, quiet songs


Autechre - AE_LIVE (Warp)

It's interesting to listen to live set after live set from the same tour... and then listen to them all again. There of course emerges recognized passages and elements, but there isn't one (studio) reference to know exactly how it canonically goes, how this sounds different from the next. What emerges is a fuzzy composite ideal, and each new listen has its standout moments. Is it the same moments from the same sets that stand out each time? No idea. Used the graphic for the one I first heard in 2015.


British Murder Boys - Fire in the Still Air (Downwards)

The best BMB document I know. Hard and on-point.


Croatian Amor - Isa (Posh Isolation)

Enigmatic, dark sounds, a bit future-exotic. The AI folk are everywhere these days, friendly and scary.


Ex:Re (4AD)

Another sad and intimate one, great lyrics/songs.


Lee Gamble - In a Paraventral Scale (Hyperdub)

the edge


Mikron - Severance (CPU Records)

not the edge, but sometimes things are just right


Saba Alizadeh - Scattered Memories (Karlrecords)

Kamancheh meets texture extensions.