2018 Favorites

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I started with paragraphs then realized I'll only tolerate fragments.

These are my favorite albums this year:

Andrew Cyrille - Lebroba (ECM)

Frisell's the perfect complement to Smith's lead voice.

Autechre - NTS Sessions (Warp Records)

8 hours manifold Autechre; gonks stand out

Black Thought - Streams of Thought (1&2) (Human Re Sources)

Ninth hard loops, Remi soul songs, Black Thought super solid; replayable

Busdriver - Electricity Is on Our Side (Temporary Whatever)

sprawling but connected dots; hard to choose highlights; creative/dense with ideas

ERP - Afterimage (Forgotten Future)

nothing new but perfect

Helios - Veriditas (Ghostly International)

become alpine vapor in morning glow

Hprizm - Magnetic Memory (Don Giovanni Records)

I need an Asia remix with everyone on it.

Ian William Craig - Thresholder (130701)

voice as artifact, voice as endless presence

International Contemporary Ensemble, Anna Thorvaldsdottir - AEQUA (Sono Luminus)

textures, breaths, ancient melodies, heaviest sounds

anyone have 9.1?

Jakob Bro - Bay of Rainbows (ECM)

beautiful surfaces, depths and melodies; evening song most memorable from show

Jerry Quickley - (american) FOOL (Temporary Whatever)

word and sound in inventive, expressive mesh of stories

Low - Double Negative (Sub Pop)

very cool sound/style; seems everyone liked this

M. Geddes Gengras - Light Pipe (ROOM40)

echoes, FAX, mystery, space, ocean, endless

Myra Melford's Snowy Egret - The Other Side of Air (Firehouse 12 Records)

captivating interplay

Oliver Coates - Shelley's on Zenn-la (RVNG Intl.)

great beats and textures, like this direction, plaid moments, where was this on lists

Skee Mask - Compro (Illian Tape)

beautiful detailed production, plenty of easy references (BoC, LTJ); does loving this over, say, safe in the hands of love (or a handful of others I could name) make me old?

Sylvie Courvoisier Trio - D'Agala (Intakt Records)

awesome trio, love the tidal crescendos of activity, when can I see live

Yves De Mey - Bleak Comfort (Latency)

best sound stories... Actually this one in particular has me thinking a bit on the topic of logic/functionality in music and composition, extending a bit to the arts and thinking/culture in general. Perhaps I'll take a moment to post this musing in a couple of weeks (probably not).

5 Favorite Performances

I'm amazed by how many shows I failed to attend from my calendar. In any case...

  • Ojai everything... maybe With Abandon?
  • Zorn/Anderson/Riley @ The Chapel (possibly somewhat for the fact of it, though it was great)
  • Saul Williams & Mivos Quartet @ Ford Theatre
  • Julian Lage Trio @ Lodge Room
  • Estonian Phil. Chamber Choir & Tallinn Chamber Orchestra @ Royce Hall (Adam's Lament++)