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M. Geddes Gengras - Light Pipe

trip and trip


Subtle Degrees - A Dance that Empties (New Amsterdam)

Hypnotic sax & drum patterns from Travis Laplante & Gerald Cleaver.

Witnessed without knowledge of the project at Blue Whale a few weeks ago and was transported.

Yes, that’s all acoustic/played.

Forest Drive West - Apparitions (Livity Sound)

oh, right, I love techno, I forgot

just the essentials

Vril - Anima Mundi (Delsin)

speaking of which

Delsin redo

some unbeatable repetitive blissouts

Hotel Neon - Means of Knowing (ARCHIVES)

and speaking of blissing

Kenny Segal - Happy Little Trees

vibe. man behind some of the best//\\on his own

Eli Keszler - Stadium (Shelter Press)

very cool percussion, pads, bass

this morning listening to it again in the car I was thinking “this clicky thing right now reminds me of the drummer at the oneohtrix point never show on monday,” and now that I’m looking up a few background pieces of information that won’t really inform what’s here anyway I see this: "whilst this year he has toured with Oneohtrix Point Never’s MYRIAD live show”

so yeah, that's the guy

that was a pretty strange show btw... and (of course) completely different from the Stone show... but I guess that was 7 years ago