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1. today while shaving I considered a complex fanfic scenario in which chris jenner is guilty, oj figures it out while in jail, and upon his release uses mind control techniques to get her to confess it to a journalist

There's a lot more to it than that, but I think that summary will suffice.

2. On my way to work there's an area on the street, in front of a red light and a business, that says "keep clear." I used to keep clear. Then I realized that it's there for this one particular business that is not going to be open or even have employees present for hours. I stopped keeping clear. Then today I thought... what if that's not the reason. What if there's something with the road and what's below it that makes them not want to have resting weight on it all the time? (This sounds really implausible.) What if there's some other reason that I'm just totally not considering? I've decided I'm just going to follow the directions, even though I'm pretty confident that it's there for this particular business and totally irrelevant at 6AM. These are not the thoughts of a revolutionary, in case there was any confusion there.


To be fair, regarding that final remark, it's not like it's really inconvenient for me to keep clear.